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6 Reasons I Love Being A Salesperson

I know that some may read this title and squirm as they ask the question “who wants to call themselves a salesperson any more?”  And I can certainly understand their position.  Over the years, the title “Salesperson” has been plagued with some not so kind words, assumptions and thoughts by consumers, potential prospects and even […]


6 Reasons I Love Being A Salesperson

Abstract business background.

I know that some may read this title and squirm as they ask the question “who wants to call themselves a salesperson any more?”  And I can certainly understand their position.  Over the years, the title “Salesperson” has been plagued with some not so kind words, assumptions and thoughts by consumers, potential prospects and even our very own colleagues.  At times, being called a salesperson may be looked upon as being aggressive, intrusive, rude, snakes, salesy, pushy, cold etc. which has lead many people in the industry to refer to themselves as consultants, reps, and agents instead of a salesperson. I could go on and on and on about all the negative things that are sometimes unfairly associated with being a salesperson.  But, I won’t, because the majority of salespeople are totally opposite of what I just mentioned.

I have worked for major corporations over the past 25 years as a salesperson and/or a sales leader and I must say that most people in this industry really care for their career and the clients that they serve.  To me, being a great salesperson involves honesty, loyalty, commitment, product/service knowledge, the ability to motivate, inspire, educate, inform, connect and build great relationships whether it is a one time encounter or a recurring condition.  Great salespeople learn to become proficient with their skills, deliver awesome customer satisfaction and Love what they do.

Here Are 6 Reasons I Love Being A Salesperson

  1. I love helping people.  No matter which form of sales I have been in over the past 25 years, I have always enjoyed helping my clients.  Helping them with their needs and wants brought great satisfaction to me as I helped them with their purchases or inquiries of future and potential needs.
  2. I enjoy the art of educating.  When I work with my clients, I feel it is very important to educate and inform them of the products or services they will acquire. Clients are thankful of information that will benefit them after the sale is made. At times they may feel as though I have gone over and beyond my duties, but I know that educating them will not only fulfill them with an abundance of information, it will also help them with their future needs.
  3. I have the gift of gab and I use it daily.  I have the ability to speak to people in a way that really makes them want to listen to me and trust what I say.  Whether it is in person or via the telephone, I know that my tone of voice, listening skills, feedback and genuine concern for the listener is very important.
  4. I turn selling into sharing.  Sales is what I do, but sharing is the process of getting it done.  I don’t like to push anything on any one, I like to share the product or service, discover their concerns and needs and then offer how the service or product will benefit them and solve their problems.
  5. I welcome the challenge of selling.  I am  the type of salesperson that is ready for that big “no I am just inquiring” type of customer.  I just love it, love it, love it! I believe when you encounter a client that already knows what they want and purchases it is great for the revenue.  But, that client that is unsure about what they want or whether they want it from me encourages me to utilize my sales skills and guide them to why we are communicating in the first place.  I have something they need and they need something I have.  It’s a win, win for us both! What I love about the challenge of making a potential client my client is that I have to encourage them to buy into me way before they buy into my products or services.  And over the years I have developed strategies and used my abilities to inspire, motivate and show genuine concern for the client’s needs, wants and uncertainty.
  6. I love what I do.  It is so much easier to perform well if you love or at least like what you do.  I am just like everyone else, I have my not so good days at work or in my business, but what keeps me grounded is my love for my occupation and career in sales.

I could give hundreds of reasons why I love being a salesperson and why I love what I do, but these are just a few.  Do you like what you do as a salesperson or sales leader? Are you struggling to get that fire back in your life as a salesperson? Has being a top producing agent sizzled you down to an average or below average performer on the sales floor? Do you want to unleash that top producer within and finally love what you do?

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3 Reasons To Choose Courage Over Fear & Why It Works

Fear Courage Buttons Showing Scary Or Unafraid

Many of you may remember the song “What’s Love got To Do With It,” which had a lot of folks rethinking this thing called love.  Well, I’m awaiting the song “What’s FEAR Got To Do With It,”  because fear seems to pop up in our lives whenever we decide to embrace change, set goals and follow our passions and dreams.  We face choosing to hit the FEAR or COURAGE button more times than ever.  It can truly make a person pause, freak out, doubt themselves and their abilities and leave them scratching their heads as to which button to mentally push.

About five months ago I decided to take a Quantum leap and invest in myself to start my own business. I am not speaking of a MLM or subcontracting, I am speaking of a business in which I would utilize my education, skills, talents, funds and passion to help solve my ideal clients’ problems and earn an abundance of income while doing it! I was willing to commit and take my idea and what I know best, “Sales,” and begin to build my empire.

I knew I’d face risks, challenges and FEAR along my journey.  Yes the thought of stepping out on this leap sometimes left me second guessing myself and the value I would bring to my business. I began to question whether my idea was good enough? Would I learn to make my passion my purpose? Did I have the COURAGE to put myself out there and face the ups and downs of building a business in a world full of critiques and judgments?

I decided to face my FEARS and embrace the COURAGE to finally step out of my own way and build the business of my dreams.  After all, my idea came with value right off the top.  I bring to the table over 25 years in sales and management, I have been a top producer at every business for which I’ve worked (and I still am,). I enjoy helping others, I have a passion for what I do, I take pride in what I do and most of all I love what I do!

Sometimes we have to step back, take a deep breath and choose to hit the COURAGE button over FEAR. Have you been experiencing Fear about something in your life lately?  I’d like to share 3 Reasons you should choose COURAGE over FEAR and why it works!

  1. Choosing COURAGE allows you to step out of your comfort zone and explore a world of possibilities.  Have you ever thought about how great it would be if you had just taken the chance to do that one thing you were so afraid to do? Maybe it was starting a new career, beginning a new relationship, getting your degree, starting a family, starting your own business or maybe traveling around the world by yourself!                                                                                                                                  WHY IT WORKS  Once you have stepped out of your comfort zone, you begin to build or rebuild     your self confidence.  You discover or rediscover your value and what drives you to being the best   person you can be. Choosing courage allows you to believe in yourself and that you can be or do anything you desire. “Believe that you can and you’re half way there.” Theodore Roosevelt
  2. Choosing COURAGE ignites you to take action!  Have you been sitting around dreaming of reaching your goals, pursuing your passion or maybe turning that hobby into a business?  If you are one that has been dreaming about such great opportunities or experiences for months or even years and have yet to see progress in capturing those dreams, then maybe you have not taken the action needed to make those dreams come true.                                                                                                                                       WHY IT WORKS  Unleashing your ideas and dreams are okay as long as you are taking action to make it happen.  Taking action shows that you are investing in yourself and are willing to do the mere things that will grant you your desires. Taking action produces results!  “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” Bruce Lee
  3. Choosing COURAGE allows you to follow your own intuition and make better decisions. How many times do you compare yourself with what others do? Do you share your ideas just to have others tell you that it should be something different?  Maybe you feel it in your gut that what you want is good enough, yet different than your peers and you’d love to give it a try. You’ve been feeling that this thing is right and the time is now. That could be your intuition speaking to you and confirming what you already know.                                                                                                                                      WHY IT WORKS Being courageous enough to realize that strong sensation is worthy to be followed is key!  Intuition builds character traits that will last a lifetime.  When you think you have a good hunch about something, that strong gut feeling or that gust of intuition, understand that your decision making power has been awakened to perform it’s best for you.  “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.”  Jonas Salk

Choosing COURAGE allows you to conquer FEAR and win!  Acting without Fear and acting “As If” will become your new normal when you choose Courage over the Fear of the unknown.  Don’t allow Fear to hinder you from achieving the things you want  most in life or your business.  Stop it in it’s tracks, face it head on and discover the Courage your already possess inside.





20 TipsTo Network Like A Pro…Even When You Are Just Getting Started


Four pairs of white collar workers communicating in office

Have you been putting off registering and actually attending networking events?  Are you making promises to yourself that you are going to do it soon, just to have time creep up on you yet once again with no progress?  Maybe, you are not sure how to find events or what to do once you arrive,.

Two months ago, I  made a commitment to attend at least one-two networking events a week to gain exposure for my business and build my name recognition.  It wasn’t easy for me to make such a commitment being that my business hadn’t officially launched.  Although, I was no stranger to networking, I felt as though I was stepping into a cycle of the unknown again.  After all, each event would be places I’d never gone and with people I’d never met, nothing like social networking where I’d meet up with my sisters have a bite to eat while planning our next best business moves. But isn’t that what networking is all about,meeting new people, building relationships and discovering new resources?

It has been great mingling with decision makers that may potentially connect me and my ideal clients, use my services and become resources for one another. Before I attended each event, I knew there were a few things I had to do in order to make the experience beneficial and worthwhile.   So I’d like to share how you can network like a pro, even if you are just starting.

My 20 Top Tips To Network Like a Pro…Even

  1. Research the web for networking events in your locality. I use EventBrite and MeetUp.
  2. Be sure you know what the event’s topic is about. The worse thing you could do is show up to an event and be clueless of what the agenda is.
  3. Know who or what business is hosting the event.  Just a little common courtesy.
  4. Don’t just signup for events make them purposeful. Make it a win, win for the people you meet and yourself by engaging in productive, positive conversation.
  5. Arrive on time.  Showing up late will send a lousy message to others of what type of business person you may or may not be.
  6. Be Prepared. Have plenty of professional business cards, a planner, pens, cellphone, notepad and any marketing materials you can distribute.
  7. Appearance matters.. Wear appropriate attire to the type of event you are attending.  First impressions usually begin with a persons appearance.
  8. Be confident.  Never let them see you sweat.  When you walk in the room, you must believe in what you do and that your business is what your ideal client need to solve her problem.
  9. Introduce yourself. Walking into a room full of strangers can be intimidating. Take a deep breath and introduce yourself to the first person you cross.  This is a great self ice breaker.  You will realize that you did it and you survived.
  10. Mingle with the crowd. Talk to as many people as possible. Don’t get stuck with one person for too long. This may portray you as being clingy.
  11. Know your “What I Do” statement by heart. Be prepared to tell others what you do and how you are different from others doing the  same.thing.
  12. Participate Do your part in any activities taking place.  It enhances your confidence and awards you exposure.
  13. Use integrity.  Be your authentic you, there is no need to fluff anything about who you are or what you do. Building trust begins during the first encounter.
  14. This is a time for connecting-not selling.  Trying to sell your products or services during networking events will cause you to lose out on connections and chase others away.
  15. Take photos when possible.  If and only if possible should you ask to strike a selfie pose. Some people may not be comfortable taking pictures with someone which they have just met. But, if you can, this will be added value you can post to your site for social proof.
  16. Build Relationships.  Showing a genuine interest in someone could lead to long business relations and possible friendships.
  17. Don’t leave early.  Skipping out early shows a sign of disinterest and you may miss out on a great connection or valuable information.
  18. Organize the business cards you collected. Write a brief note about your encounter with the person. This will help you remember something about them when you meet again.
  19. Followup.  Send an email, a note or give the people you connected with a call 1-2 days after the event. (Still not the time to attempt to sell)
  20. Be ready to receive.  Networking is all about opportunities.  Your next big breakthrough may be sitting next to you or have the ability to put you in the presence of your ideal client.

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This Blog Is For You If…

Abstract business background.

If you know me, you know I love giving away stuff.  And for the next 48 hours I want to share something with you.  Now this blog is not for everyone.  But this blog may be just for you IF

YOU are in the sales industry and struggling to increase your sales.

YOU are determined although, you continue to face road blocks to reaching your goals.

YOU have a passion to succeed, yet you keep getting stuck.

YOU have a product or service to offer, but you can’t close the deal.

YOU  want to deliver great customer experiences, but it’s becoming more of a challenge. .

YOU would like to build a rapport with your customers, but you don’t know where to start.

YOU use to like what you do, now you are losing the motivation of “WHY” you began in the first place.

YOU  have been using the same sales strategies, gaining the same low results, but you are expecting something different.

YOU  have been waiting for a sign, something new, something different in the sales cycle of what you’re use to.

YOU  Know that you can do it!  You want to do something different! You are READY to unleash the Top Producer within!

Yes, I am talking to you!  I understand these points, because I was once in your situation. I too struggled in areas which hindered me from being the best I could be when I first started in the sales industry over 25 years ago. I learned how to self motivate and use unique and creative ways to overcome my struggles with objection, asking for the sale, building relationships and utilizing the one power tool that everyone has but seldom use.  Once I put my struggles to rest, I was able to (and still do) generate millions of dollars for companies which I have worked for.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with sales leaders and salespeople assisting them to rediscover their “Why” and inspiring them to take action to improve their sales skills, generate more revenue and income and once again finally love what they do. It is my passion and purpose to help salespeople regain their confidence and do what they do best, sell!

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I have a mission to help people in the sales industry get their groove back and enjoy what they do once again and I look forward to sharing and growing with you.

TBT Yes! I Was Arrested Over 25 Years Ago



Yes it’s true! Over 25 years ago I was arrested! I pleaded and tried to explain it wasn’t me.  But the officer walked into our store and asked for me by name.  The feeling was surreal. Right in front of my co-workers and the customers, he asked me if I was Anita, he took hold of my arm and began to read me my Miranda Rights.  As the officer handcuffed me and led me out the store, my co-workers stared in awe as to why I was being arrested.   I didn’t have time to explain or plead my innocence, I just followed his orders and walked into the Mall lobby with my head held high..

As we approached the lobby, I was taken to a holding cell until my bail had been paid. Oh! What a great memory. Yes I was arrested, but it was a for a good cause.


I was arrested in October as we celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month with many women and families affected by this horrible disease.  I had volunteered with the police department to participate in a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society.

Of course I was going to do it even though the actual arrest was to be a surprise to everyone in the store. The look on some of my co-workers faces were priceless, I could only imagine what they were thinking.

Spreading awareness about breast cancer has been something dear to my heart for years.  At the age of 23 and mother of three, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was not expected to survive a year. But, by God’s Grace and Mercy I am here today to testify that “Through God all things are possible.”

I had not expected that my encounter with cancer and my career would some day connect, but it did.  The store manager had agreed to me participating in the event during my work schedule.  I was able to help The American Cancer society and the PG County police department in Maryland raise money and share my story of being victorious over breast cancer.  I continue to pray for all men and women going through fighting this disease.

This was the start of my career in sales and speaking.  The lessons I learned that day has become a part of my life forever.  As I think about it, the whole experience is what guided me to the love of being a salesperson.  I was able to service my customers, give back to my community, earn a good income, develop my skills and enjoy my career. Wow! I am the same type of salesperson today as I was 25 plus years ago.  It amazes me at times that I can really say that I love what I do and that I’ve been doing it for a very long time.

Do you like what you do as a salesperson?  Do you feel that you still have the same burning desire to be productive and enjoy the career which you have chosen? Do you want to get back the MoJo you had at the start of your career, so that you can deliver great customer experiences, be proficient in your skills, make more sales and finally love what you do again?

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